United Kingdom

We offer a full range of immigration services from business visas to protecting personal human rights. You should obtain specialist legal advice if you intend to:
Visit, study or settle in the UK;

  • To come to the UK for employment or for setting up a business;
  • Remain in the UK on the basis of your private and family life;
  • Seek asylum or humanitarian protection;
  • To join a partner or bring a family member into the UK; and/or
  • To challenge your unlawful detention.

We are equally adept at helping companies with their immigration compliance. Leveraging from our lawyers’ in-depth commercial expertise, we help businesses and individuals settle and refine their immigration processes.
Our team has years of experience in immigration challenges such as appeals, administrative reviews, judicial reviews and other reconsiderations with a proven track record of success in some of the most complex human rights and immigration matters.
We are a team you will want on your side.


  • All business visas
  • Sole representative visas
  • Tier 1 and investor visas
  • Tier 2 and Tier 4 licenses
  • Tier 2 visas
  • Spouse and partner applications
  • Leave to remain applications
  • Human rights applications
  • Asylum claims
  • Family reunions
  • Domestic violence matters
  • Nationality Applications
  • Settlement Applications
  • Student Applications – Tier 4(General) & Student Visitors
  • All Entry Clearance applications
  • Appeals
  • Administrative reviews
  • Judicial reviews
  • Bail and detention matters

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